Name:Dry Ice Pelletizer JHN50

  • Dry Ice Pelletizer JHN50

Product Description

Dry Ice Pelletizer JHN50

Used for scientific labs, cryogenic medical samples, stage fog and food catering !



The Pelletizer JHN50 Use new ice making technology and greatly improves ice making efficiency ans saves a lot of liquid co2. Compared with old version, this new dry pelletizer has a smaller motor with same capacity dry ice pellets and it occupies smaller area so it will be best choice if you want to build a small dry ice factory.


Dry ice size :       Ф3mm, Ф16mm

Production capacity:  50kg/h

Dry ice density:      1.55 t/m³

Raw materials: liquid co2 in storage tank, water content is less than 20ppm

Conversion rate:     42%

Motor Power :      3 kw

Overall dimension:    1000*500*1000mm

Weight :            170kg

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