Is it necessary to add a co2 recovery plant for dry ice machine ?

Many customers of dry ice production face a reality that there is few suppliers of liquid CO2 in their place or the price of Liquid co2 is very expensive, so it is necessary to add a co2 revert recovery system to save liquid co2 and dry ice production cost. SINOCEAN focus on dry ice machine for 10 years and we received a lot of inquiry for co2 revert recovery system. so we research and invent our own co2 revert recovery plant specially for dry ice machine. It is designed in modular and compact skid and very easy to install and operate for our dry ice production customers. the production capacity from small 50kg/hr to 2000kg/hr depending on dry ice production capacity. usually we suggest customers to invest co2 revert recovery plant if they produce more 300kgs dry ice per hour. and soon they will find their investment is recovered due to high price of co2 locally. welcome to disucss with us about your need if you want to set up a set of co2 recovery plant in your dry ice factory. contact phone 86 158 3716 8959//email is
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