About Us

About Us

Zhengzhou Sinocean Industrial Limited

Carbon Dioxide Green Technology


Zhengzhou Sinocean Industrial Limited is an innovator, producer and exporter of dry ice machine & CO2 recovery plant to a wide variety of industries throughout the world.


Sinocean’s CO2 systems are unique in that Sinocean is able to provide turnkey solutions for co2 production or recovery, CO2 storage, and dry ice production system. Sinocean, the brand name for high quality dry ice pelletizer, dry ice block machine, dry ice container, CO2 production plant, CO2 recovery plant and CO2 storage tank used in many industries such as cold chain, airline catering, dry ice blasting, beverage, brewery, chemical plant, ammonia or ethylene oxide production.


Sinocean’s updating CO2 technology makes its CO2 equipment more efficient and greener for our loyal customers who always can find the most proper product according to their actual need.


Sinocean is growing fast but always holds principle of first quality, best service and last price. Sinocean has become one global leading supplier of CO2 products.

Our Mission

Climate change poses the single biggest threat to the future of today’s children. To protect and secure a healthy and sustainable future for children, we support the urgent global transition to a low carbon economy. To achieve this, we are working towards reducing co2 emissions to atmosphere.


Production of greenhouse gases-chief among them carbon dioxide (CO2)-is unavoidable if fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas or coal are used as energy sources. Besides trying to restrict CO2 emissions through more efficient use of fossil fuels, finding new ways of avoiding the release of CO2 into the atmosphere is a promising approach for preventing global warming.


Sinocean has advanced technology and equipment on co2 recovery from co2 rich source:  stack gas from coal-fired power station, fertilizer plant, cement plant, etc. And fermentation gas from alcohol plant, sugar plant, brewery etc.


Sinocean is looking forward to cooperating with partners world wide about co2 recovery projects.

Meet Our Team


Mature technology

Sinocean has experience of almost 10 years on dry ice production and co2 recovery. We have professional engineers offering a complete solution to meet your need.

High cost performance
welcome to choose sinocean dry ice machine which is made in China with world famous brand components if you want to have a good dry ice machine with relative lower budget.

Responsible attitude
Customers always worry if their problem would be treated seriously and sinocean is a trustable company that considers for you always.


Please read attentively

We gathered all recently asked questions, please read them attentively, especially if you have never use dry ice in your life:

  •  What is dry ice?  Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It has a temperature of minus 78 degree at atmospheric pressure. It is non toxic, non-burning, inert, tasteless and odorless. Usually dry ice exists in shape of dry ice pellets, dry ice nuggets, dry ice slices and dry ice blocks.
  • What is use of dry ice? Dry ice is used to freeze items that needs to be kept cold because its temperature is -78 C. Dry ice can also create smoke and fog special effects for events and parties. At present one popular application is dry ice blasting which can avoid secondary pollution.
  • How you can make your own dry ice? First you have to find source of liquid co2 stored in a liquid co2 storage tank. Then with sinocean dry ice pelletizers or dry ice block machines, you can quickly produce dry ice out.
  • How do you transport dry ice? We recommend sinocean dry ice storage containers which can keep dry ice with less sublimation. Please never put dry ice in a freezer in case of explosion. 



It is a happy business cooperation with sinocean industrial limited. We bought a JH200 dry ice pelletizer which produces 3mm dry ice pellets for our dry ice blasting application. The dry ice is pure and hard, suitable for our use.


Mark Johnson


When we search on google, we are happy to find that sinocean industrial limited could offer dry ice block machine because we want to produce our dry ice blocks for ice cream cooling. Before we buy dry ice blocks and now we can use our own fresh dry ice. Thanks for sinocean team, you give us a good support for everything.


Muhammad Khan