Name:Dry Ice Pelletizer JH500

  • Dry Ice Pelletizer JH500

Product Description

Dry Ice Pelletizer JH500



The Pelletizer offers automatic production capability of up to 500kg per hour of consistent, high-density dry ice pellets using Liquid CO₂ and electrical power. Compact and reliable the machine puts dry ice production in your hands. The dry ice pelletizer is driven by a powerful hydraulic unit featuring instant push button start. Fully automatic control of oil temperature and dry ice snowing process guarantees continuous dry ice production without any supervision right from push button start. .

Unique Features

PLC Omron - controls the complete process, injection and hydraulic

Independent performance - very constant production, independent of pressure and temperature

Integrated production control system- definition and supervision of production quantity

High process reliability - optimized process monitoring provides optimal performance and increases process reliability

Easy maintenance - simple structure and easy replacement of spare parts makes maintenance work simple for even new users

Minimum floor space for high production performance






Dry ice size :       Ф3mm, Ф16mm

Production capacity:  460-500kg/h

Dry ice density:      ≥1.50t/m³

Raw materials: liquid co2 in storage tank, water content is less than 55ppm

Conversion rate:     40%-43.5%

Motor Power :      18.5kw

Oil Tank  :         350L

Power supply :      380v/50Hz,3p

Liquid co2 inlet pressure:  ≤2.1MPA

Liquid co2 inlet pipe:    Ф20mm

Co2 gas discharge pipe:  4*Ф50mm

Overall dimension:    2150*1400*1700mm

Weight :            2200kg



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