Name:CO2 Cylinder Filling System

  • CO2 Cylinder Filling System

Product Description

CO2 Cylinder Filling System


SINOCEAN CO2 Cylinder Filling System is made of a Liquid CO2 Storage tank, a CO2 filling pump and a CO2 filling line.

Specification for CO2 cylinder filling pump


Flow rate: 600-1200 L/hr

Inlet pressure: 1.34-2.4Mpa

Outlet pressure: 10Mpa

Motor power: 7.5 KW

Max design temperature: 50 C

Min design temperature: -40 C

Medium: Liquid co2



Specification for CO2 filling line


Working pressure: 15 MPa

Design pressure: 20 MPa

Out flow: 100-200m3/h

Filling head number: 1*20

Working medium: CO2






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