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  • Dry Ice Pellets and Dry Ice Blocks

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SINOCEAN Dry Ice Supply – Fresh. Flexible. Reliable.

SINOCEAN offers substantial dry ice supply. We are pleased to supply you with freshly produced dry ice pellets, dry ice nuggets, dry ice slabs or dry ice blocks in insulated dry ice boxes. Your order can be placed by phone +86 158 3716 8959 or email:

Dry Ice Products


Dry Ice Pellets: Dry ice pellets with diameter of 3mm is generally used in dry ice blasting; an effective way to clean and decontaminate food processing equipment.





Dry Ice Nuggets: Dry ice nuggets (or pellets) with diameter of 16mm are generally used for laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers, universities & elementary schools, catering companies, and photographers.




Dry Ice Slabs: Slabs with dimension of 125mm*105mm*25mm( around 500grams) are generally used by catering companies, special FX companies, freight forwarding companies, and for camping or fishing trips.




Dry Ice Blocks: Blocks with dimension of 210mm*180mm*90mm (around 5kg) are generally used for camping and fishing trips or when power (hydro) has been lost (blocks can be used to keep the contents of walk-in freezers and residential chest freezers from thawing).




· DO NOT HANDLE dry ice with your bare skin.  The usage of protective gloves, towels, or tongs is strongly suggested.

· Handle dry ice in a ventilated location.

· Children should be supervised by adults when using dry ice




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