Name:CO2 Recovery Plant from Fermentation

  • CO2 Recovery Plant from Fermentation

Product Description

CO2 Recovery Plant




How CO2 is produced?

This technology process combines clean water wash, adsorption and cryogenic rectification. Fermentation gas first goes into buffer balloon, then through compressor level 1 lift pressure, clean wash to remove most impurities, and through compressor level 2 lift pressure to 2.02.5MPa, cooled by precooler, purified by adsorber and dehydration by drying tower, water content will be below 10ppm, and then goes into liquefier for gas condensing. The liquefied co2 then goes into rectifying tower and flash tower and become more purified and qualified for food grade use.



1. ash technology is clean water grading lift pressure process: simple structure,

   environment protection,saving energy and low running cost.

2. Use low temperature adsorption is beneficial for co2 purifying

3. adopts combined rectifying system technology can effectively remove impurities and

  especially after flash tower, the purity of liquid co2 can be above 99.99%.

4. Fully use cold of non-condensable gas, greatly improve co2 liquefying efficiency and

  saving power

5. the drying agent regeneration medium in this process is air and adsorption agent

   regeneration medium can be steam. This way will be more energy saving compared

   other system which uses co2 as regeneration medium.



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