Name:CO2 Production Plant from Combustion

  • CO2 Production Plant from Combustion

Product Description

CO2 Production Plant




How CO2 is produced?

By burning diesel oil or natural gas, the flue gas containing CO2 (about 200 ℃) is cooled by reboiler 2 and then goes into the washing tower, and then into CO2 absorber (or gravity absorber), most of the CO2 is absorbed by solvent, and unabsorbed co2 gas will be dischared through top tower into the atmosphere. The CO2-rich liquid from the bottom after by the rich liquid heat exchangers, heat recovery after CO2 into the regeneration tower (or gravity regenerator), rich liquid from renewable column into the upper portion, by stripping desorption portion CO2, and then enters the reboiler, so that one of the further desorption of CO2. After poor liquid CO2 desorption from recycled bottom outflow, after the rich liquid heat exchanger, pumped to the water cooler, cooling into the absorber, and from circulating solvent constitutes a continuous process of absorption and desorption of CO2 desorption CO2 out of steam after cooling separated and removed together with water purity of 99.0% (dry) or more of CO2, the CO2 gas into the compressor pressurized cushion. Pressurized carbon dioxide gas to a pressure of about 2.5MPa, in the purification adsorption tower was filtered and high-boiling impurities, and then further purified by molecular sieve and dehydrated, dry carbon dioxide gas is condensed in the condenser for cryogenic liquid carbon dioxide, liquid carbon dioxide and then purified from the upper part of the tower into the purification distillation tower, after distillation to obtain food-grade liquid carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide from the bottom of the tower taken out of cryogenic storage tank for later use. The CO2 meets international food-grade quality standards.




1. Mature compound Amine low partial pressure CO2 recovery technology could absorb  

   25% more and lower energy 30% than traditional MEA (monoethanolamine solution )

   Solution. And also compound amine solution has no corrosion for equipment.

2. Use steam from burning oil as heat for CO2 regenerator. And extra water steam can be

   supplied if needed. Lower running cost.

3. Add regeneration co2 gas cooling equipment and solution filtering equipment; low solution consumption.

4. Use dry absorption purification technology and no need extra energy and make sure

impurities like Sulphide,nitric oxide will be transferred and removed completely.

5. Use high precision filter to make sure liquid co2 food grade and ISBT compliant










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