Name:Dry Ice Block Machine JHK1300

  • Dry Ice Block Machine JHK1300

Product Description

Dry ice block machine JHK1300



Our standard dry ice machine JHK1300 is producing a block with a dimension of 300 x 255 x (50-260) mm which normal weighs 3kg-30kg. The ice blocks are mainly applied in cold chain, refrigeration storage, and dry ice cleaning industry (deburring) . Other block ice dimensions are available on request.


Unique Features

 PLC Omron - controls the complete process, injection and hydraulic

 Independent performance - very constant production, independent of pressure and temperature

 Integrated production control system- definition and supervision of production quantity

 High process reliability - optimized process monitoring provides optimal performance and increases process reliability

 Easy maintenance - simple structure and easy replacement of spare parts makes maintenance work simple for even new users

 Minimum floor space for high production performance




Dry ice size :       300*255*(50-260)mm

Production capacity:  800-1300kg/h

Dry ice density:       ≧1.45t/m³

Raw materials:       liquid co2 in storage tank, water content is less than 30ppm

Conversion rate:     40%-43.5%

Motor Power :       27 kw

Oil Tank  :          400L

Power supply :       380v/50Hz, 3p 

Liquid co2 inlet pressure:  ≤2.1MPA

Liquid inlet diameter:    2*Ф20

Exhaust pipe diameter:  2*Ф70

Overall dimension:   2900*1600*1900mm

Weight :            5200kg




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